Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I've needed to update this for a while...but either I've been too busy or just plain couldn't drag my ass out of bed in time to do a long blog. So the last that I left was my rant with an upcoming wedding of my best friend Randa and Chris. So here's how it all worked out.

Pre-Bachelorette Party:

Prior to the evening I had Bryant (the x) run me around for various bachelorette propoganda. At the beginning we were walking to the Chipotle burrito place and he had mentioned something for going for a walk in wash park the eve before. Knowing him, knowing what time he got off work and all, and that he didn't return my call until well after 10pm, and knowing he didn't go to Paris that evening, I knew there was something up. One of his friends from High School set him up with a gal that she had met online and set up a "dog walk" type thing between the two. Being that I have been having my "associations" with my ex, I felt quite betrayed..hurt...I mean, It was 4pm and we were on our way to get something to eat, I hadn't eaten anything all day, but by the time I got my burrito I was so nauseated with anger I took two bites and was full. STRIKE ONE So that started out the evening on a bad foot. But he still ran me around to the different "adult" stores where I bought a bachelorette veil, glow-in-the-dark penis sip straws, "dicklets" penis-shaped gum, a bachelorette "spin wheel" of different activities, and grabbed a bunch of different flavoured condoms as consolation prizes to the guys who spun the wheel and ended up hitting something that the bride to be couldn't do. (rules from the pre-hubby)

The *Actual* Bachelorette Party:

The Bride to be(Randa), the bridesmaid(Toni), and the mother of the groom(Lynda), and the mother of the bride(Deena) and I started out at Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner. On the way there, Deena was having problems in the parking garage with her huge Yukon and squeezing into a spot, me with my hatred of all SUV's and silly sports car things made a comment when she said that she didn't want to take up two spaces I basically said "well, you could be like one of those cocky Audi drivers and take up two spaces"...not knowing that the mother of the groom drives an Audi. STRIKE TWO for the day. Needless to say I backtracked un-convincingly, and I thought to myself "this is going to be the night from hell". Took a deep breath, shook my head, and tried to move on. Dinner went well, everyone enjoyed their meal...our waitress was someone who I know of the RB staff and she kicked close to $50 off our bill..start of a *better* evening. Randa, Toni and I all did "blowjob" shots without using hands...got some priceless pix..lemme tell ya. Anyhow...from there we went to a club a few blocks down called the Lucky Star...my friends and I joke and call it the "Lucky Whore" because it's such a meat-market. The only place on a saturday without a cover. Being that both mothers wanted to get home and not have to pay an extensive cover..we went there. (most clubs in denver on a saturday cover STARTS at $10). So we hung out there lalallala...had both mothers on the dance floor dancing with us and then they decided to go....but so did Toni(the bridesmaid) and suddenly she had to work on her parent's ranch at 6am. Anyhow...Randa and I took a cab down to *our* favorite club the church, where not only did we get free cover, we also got a complimentary $20 bar credit upon entry for being a bachelorette party. Next time I know I am broke and wanting to go out, I'll put on a bachelorette's veil and get my lady friends together so I won't have to pay. Makes you wonder how many ppl have done that just to get free shit!?! Anyhow, Randa and I had a blast, I ended up chatting with a guy there, exchanged #'s etc..etc..etc.. didn't mention this earlier, but to avoid the absurd price of almost an hour cab drive my ex offered to pick me and the bride-to-be and drop her off in Brighton. It was a LOT of fun...

....until the next morning...

I got home from my ex's house and had a message on my home answering machine. Basically said "Marla, you wouldn't BELIEVE the shit that Toni was talking about the two of us last night...give me a call when you get this"

I called Randa back only to find out that Toni had basically trashed us, spewing lies the whole ride home from Downtown to her house.

"Well I didn't know about the bachelorette party until last night"
~She was told at the engagement party which weekend we had chosen for the party AND what time.

"All that happens at those clubs is you get felt up and groped all night, once you've been to one you've been to them all"
~What you attract is what you GET..I'm sorry..but Randa and I danced together...OMG!! She didn't even dance with one single guy (rules). Toni is NOTORIOUS for hooking up with strangers that she meets at clubs.

"Well...I don't trust that Bryant guy"
~Ok...just a brief history..she moved in with a guy that she had known for 2 weeks who has now turned out to be a total alcoholic asshole...and feels she has the right to trash my ex that she has met(and hit on when she did) all of ONCE?!?!

Needless to say we were both pissed off. Randa was supposed to have Toni do her hair, but after this, she (smartly) made an appointment at a salon prior to the wedding being that if she was talking THAT much trash before the wedding, what would stop her from messing up her hair the day of the wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner:

Randa and I decided that it would be best not to confront Toni being that she is one of those women who WILL cause a scene whenever she feels neccisary...so we ignored it. Bryant gave me a ride down to the rehearsal dinner, hung out..etc...etc..etc..all went smoothly there.

Wedding Day!!

My mother picked me up about 4pm...didn't have to be there until 5:30...but given the upcoming 4th weekend...everyone and their &*%(#ing mother was going out of town and we did end up hitting rush hour traffic...but still ended up getting there a little after 5pm. I told my mother about the whole "lying" situation and advised her to steer clear of her. Randa showed up a little bit later than expected...but oh well..all of us were in a tizzy getting my dress, Toni's dress ironed, the veil also, getting Randa's makeup on, chasing around Randa's 3yo son, trying to make sure that the groom wasn't trying to get in..etc...etc..etc..but all went beautifully. Randa, Chris(the groom), Matt(the best man) and I all went to the same Junior high...it was all kind of crazy. But I saw Matt come out in his tux and I was basically like DAMN he looks good! The wedding/reception went off without a hitch....it was a fun time.


After the wedding reception the "wedding party" all went to decorate the car. The Bride and Groom thought that they would escape the typical "doing the car" ritual if they had their paren'ts drive them up...even though we were in Golden, and the car was in Northglenn...we all caravaned it down and made sure that their car was done right. After that, me, Matt, and Toni went down to Park Central Lounge and had a few drinks and did some Kareaoke. It was a fun time...I flirted my heart out with Matt..but it's hard to know if I got anywhere being that he is almost painfully shy. Toni met up with her boyfriend Troy, and they dropped Matt and I down at his car in front of the Groom's house. As we were getting ready to get in the car, Lynda (groom's mom) came out and invited us inside for wine/beer and to look at some of the photo's she snapped on her digital camera. 4am we finally were able to escape. Matt drove me home and me thinking nothing of it gave him a smakeroo on the lips...he looked shocked. Anyhow...I told him to "call me" so we could "hang out" or something like that.

Saturday July 6th:

Me being the silly socialite that I am, I accidently double-booked myself with the chap that I met at the bachelorette party(Mike), and the Best Man of the wedding(Matt)...so I *tried* to make it a "group thing" which backfired. Anyhow, it was the 3 of us at Kareoke night at Armida's...and both trying to kind of "one up" eachother with different things. Ended up being a fun time...as Matt was driving me home he was just kind of like "Yeah, that guy seems to really like you" and I was like "Yeah, but I'm picky though..."dropping subtle hints as to that he (matt) was more of my style of liking.

Sunday July 7:

Bryant had his parent's and little sis' in town from Wed-Sat...and we had made tentative plans to go out on Sunday. We went and saw "Minority Report"...and I rubbed in his face the fact that I had been out and having fun with various people. I think I'm going to distance myself from him for a while...I need to...I know I've said this a gazillion times, but this time I think I really am going to make an effort. 2 mo? 1mo? who knows.

This concludes the update...I now realize I have forgotten a few things, but I am tired and in need of going to sleep. I'll fillin the blanks of Thursday and Friday tomorrow. It's been an eventful week...er...two weeks. :)